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Born in Lodz (Poland) in 1936
German nationality since 1939
Resident of Germany since 1945
Abitur in Bavaria in 1956.

Academic Career:

Mainly self-financed studies at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) – applied mathematics, theoretical physics, abstract mathematics, several arts.

Diploma thesis on non-relativistic elementary particle theory (Schrödinger theory), doctoral thesis on satellite mechanics (optimal orbit transfers), habilitation thesis on operating systems (multiprocessor scheduling).

From 1971: Co-author of the program for establishing information sciences at the German Universities, as member of the German Federal Government‘s resp. board (being the academic IT representative for Berlin to the Federal Minister for Research and Technology).

Additionally from 1971: Participation in the preparation, definition, foundation and administrative implementation of the Department of Information Sciences at the TUB.

Since 1972: Professor and since 1974 full professor of operating systems (later also of communication systems) in the Department of Information Sciences at the TUB – after several calls from other universities.

Ramping up, for many years, awareness of the upcoming telecommunications technologies in Germany, by running on behalf of the GI (= Gesellschaft fuer Informatik, the German nationwide academic society of telecommunications technologies) the annual conferences at the TUB.

First UNIX licence in Europe.

One of the first ARPA accesses in Europe.

Consequently, more than a dozen students became university professors.

Chairman of many teaching and studies committees, research and development committees, and examination boards for the various Information Sciences programs at the TUB.

1976 to 1994: Member of national, European and international bodies for development, promotion and standardization of future IT technologies, in particular LAN/telecommunications/text/security technologies.

1996: Application for sabbatical leave from teaching responsibilities at the TUB, granted for the „hands-on management“ of TELES AG (see below).

2001: Emeritus of TUB, indispensable at the retirement age.

Business Career:

1983: Foundation of TELES GmbH, with shareholder‘s equity of DM 50 thousand, sole shareholder and general manager. Then focus of TELES GmbH: development, manufacturing and distribution of advanced telecommunications and security technologies and systems.

1996: Transformation of TELES GmbH to TELES AG, at annual revenues of DM 22 million, sole shareholder and CEO.

1998: IPO of TELES AG, at annual revenues of DM 100 million, majority shareholder and CEO until today.

1999: Refocus of TELES on value-added Internet systems and acquisition of the webhosting start-up STRATO.

Since 2002: Member of the National Economic Affairs Council of the CDU.

2005: Sale of STRATO AG for more than € 130 million.

Since 2005:
Developing a portfolio of international patents covering the future
high-end mobile broadband Internet mass market
high-end mobile broadband media networking market, and
high-end patents/innovations market of all emerging technologies, as well a
prototyping some of them.